Side-by-side tricycle with strong auxiliary motor

DUO REHA is a tricycle for seniors and disabled which is particularly suited for rehabilitation and training.

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On the DUO REHA model the driver and passenger work the pedals simultaneously and in the same gear. The driver forces the pedal motion in the passenger side which is important in the rehabilitation of walking-impaired users. This function can be easily disabled to allow the passenger to rest during the bicycle ride.

This electric tricycle has a powerful and lightweight motor which is designed for optimum power transmission for the purpose of providing maximum range and comfort. The driving distance of a fully charged battery is up to 30 km and in favourable wind and weather conditions often even longer. Motor performance can be regulated via five levels and the motor automatically shuts off at 25 km/h. The handlebar LCD screen informs you of speed, distance travelled, current auxiliary level and more.

The battery is removable and charging can therefore take place right where you prefer it to.

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The DUO REHA P20 is particularly known for its user-friendliness, flexibility and formidable roadability:

  • Powerful electrical front wheel motor which is activated by means of the speed sensor at the pilot pedal arm
  • Easy to get on and safe to ride
  • Comfortable sofa seats which you can easily adjust forwards and backwards
  • Driven by both back wheels and the rear axle differential
  • Extremely strong construction and a long working life of more than 10 years
  • Recognised rehabilitation aid for the walking-impaired
  • We tailor the bicycle to your specific needs and deliver it within 15 business days

Gear system AS REQUIRED:

  • Front wheel driven with 7 gears in the driver side and with a 3-position lever in the passenger side (engaged, disengaged, freewheel)

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