First-class tailwind on your tricycle trip

Motors of the highest quality

Shimano Steps E6100

For nearly 100 years, Japanese Shimano has been the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle equipment. It all started in 1921 with the freewheeling technique in 1921 and, over the past many decades, technological developments in the bicycle industry have taken a sprint. Throughout, Shimano has been one of the foremost sprinters in the field and, today, they deliver some of the world’s best bicycle motor systems.

You can have these at PF Mobility. We use the first-class motor system, Shimano Steps E6100, which gives you some of the best tailwind you can get on country roads. The powerful and lightweight motor located between the pedals ensures, with its built-in power sensor, the optimum transmission from the pedals to the wheels, so you get maximum distance and the most from your efforts. If you push the pedals only a little, you get the equivalent assistance, but the harder you push, the more the motor helps. The driving distance on a fully charged battery is up to 40-50 kilometres (on one-person bicycles) and in favourable weather and wind conditions often even longer. In fact, significantly longer when choosing a low level of assistance and by giving it a good push yourself!

The electrical assistance is intuitive and very easy to operate. On the handlebar, an LCD screen lets you constantly monitor the battery level, your current speed, the distance travelled, the level of assistance and much more.

Shimano Steps E6100 is your faithful support on all your tricycle trips. Pop into our Timring factory and try a tricycle. If this is not possible, then by all means contact us and let us tell you about the possibilities.

Please note that Shimano Steps is not an option on our Stabilo models.

P20 front wheel motor

All PF mobility P20 models are equipped with the strong and silent 36V/250W front wheel motor manufactured by the Danish company ProMovec. This is an absolute strong and compact motor with a planetary gear set that ensures a powerful and smooth ride. Planetary gear (otherwise known as ‘epicyclic gear train’) is a designation for a certain production principle with regards to the gear operation, where the design of the motor ensures the transfer of a high torque the size of the motor taken into consideration.

Mounted in the front wheel the motor works in combination with a battery placed on a bracket behind the seat above the axle. The battery can be charged while on the bike, or you can take it off and charge it inside; charging inside the house should always take place at low temperatures (i.e. at 10°C or lower); this ensures the longest possible lifetime of the battery.
This motor and battery system is a Danish designed and developed system where great emphasis has been put on design and high quality standards.

Propulsion of the bike takes place over a so-called speed drive system. A sensor placed on the pedal arm registers movement and ensures that you obtain best possible help from the motor at each assist level of which there are five. Once the assist level has been chosen, velocity is regulated in accordance with the same. Assist level thus corresponds to 10 km/h and assist level 5 to 25 km/h. The manufacturer names this system “PAS” which is short for Pedal Assist System – also known as a rotation-based propulsion system.

All batteries from this manufacturer are produced “under green conditions”. Great considerations are thus taken to the environment and with minimal footprint on the same by using wind and water generated electricity. With this knowledge you can with ease in mind get on your PF mobility P20 tricycle and enjoy the ride with lots of help from a modern, strong and environment-friendly motor and battery system.

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