Wheelchair ramps – portable — 
Wheelchair ramps - portable

PF Mobility offers very light and compact portable ramps that are easy to move.

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Safety is top-notch with a safety edge on both sides and an up and down transition plate in both end of the wheelchair ramp. A unique surface with up and down perforations which grip the tyres of the wheelchair, thus making our ramps extremely non-slip.

The portable wheelchair ramps have a nice anodised aluminium finish which makes them very resistant to the Danish weather.

We have a large stock of stationary and foldable wheelchair ramps and can deliver from day to day. We also provide especially designed wheelchair ramps which are tailored to you and your needs.

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Recommended maximum ramp inclination:

  • Manuel wheelchair without assistance:  1:7 (height x 7)
  • Electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair with assistance: 1:5 (height x5)

In other words, the height x5 or x7 indicates the minimum ramp length.

Example: Height 15 cm = ramp of a minimum of 75 cm (15×5 cm) or 105 cm (15×7 cm).

When using a maximum ramp inclination of 1:5 or 1:7, the inclination of the ramp becomes steep and it may be problematic for many wheelchair users to climb it. We therefore recommend a ramp inclination of 1:10 wherever possible.

The ramp should be no longer than 300 cm.

Portable ramps must not be fixed as they are then considered stationary ramps and subject to the provisions of building regulations.

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