Stabilo Pedelec Direct Power — 
Electric tricycle

STABILO Pedelec Direct Power is an electric tricycle which, with its powerful auxiliary motor, ensures perpetual tailwind on the cycle lane, giving you a self-reliant and mobile everyday life.

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With STABILO Direct Power, you must work before you can relax. The tricycle is equipped with a speed sensor which, together with a throttle, ensures that the motor only works when you push the pedals. In all 7 gears, you can control the power of the motor in 3 levels and it switches itself off at 20 km/h. The tricycle has start-up help of up to 6 km/h.

The driving distance of a fully charged battery is up to 35 km. The more you help, the longer the driving distance you achieve and this, in combination with favourable wind and weather conditions, will usually give you an even longer distance.

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STABILO Pedelec Direct Power is – like all our other tricycles – particularly known for its comfort, durability and formidable roadability:

  • Strong electric motor activated by the pedals
  • Smart LCD display and removable Li/ion battery
  • Easy to get on and off and safe to drive
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Extremely strong construction and a long working life of more than 10 years
  • 7 gears with/without reverse function
  • We tailor the tricycle to your specific needs and deliver it within 15 business days

We recommend STABILO Pedelec Direct Power for those who are walking-impaired or feel unsafe when getting on an ordinary bicycle – and for those who just want a different kind of bicycle

NB! The tricycle is shown here without the motor which is located in the front wheel. The photographer IS on his way!

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